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FIX for the Screen Flickering on devices running Android 4.2


So, as many people have been experiencing (According to the internet and XDA at least), the most current release of Android 4.2 on CM10.1 and other ROM’s like TeamEOS 4 has a problem where the screen will randomly just start flickering. If you’re like me, you probably assumed that something was wrong with either your phone, the ROM, or a variety of other things… Turns out, NOTHING IS WRONG with anything. There seems to be a problem where the phone has problems deciding if the software or hardware(CPU vs. GPU) is what should be drawing the screen… So this indecision causes it to switch back and forth, redraw, etc….
Over at XDA there are lots of post relating to this problem. Below is a temporary solution to the problem
Here are the instructions!!
Temp Fix: (until they find/fix the problem)

  1. Go to settings > about phone
  2. Click “build number” 6 times fast
  3. You’ll see “you’re now a developer” as a notification at the bottom.
  4. Go back to settings, you’ll now see developer options above ‘about phone’.
  5. Go in developer options, and click “disable hardware overlays” under the drawing section

This will fix the flickering!! The problem is with android 4.2.x, the OS gets confused and can’t decide if the CPU or the GPU should be drawing the screen, so it flickers do to it switching between the CPU and GPU real fast…
Hope this helps anyone out there experiencing this problem, and spread the word to anyone else you know to make it known! Loads of people are re flashing, returning to stock, even returning their phones because of this bug! So spread the word to prevent others from making this mistake.

XDA Page

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  • Joe Simpson

    That phone is running on a strange version of Jelly bean….

  • Chris

    This fix doesn’t work on my asus infinity

  • Tim McC.

    This fix also helped with screen flickering issues within the new YouTube app on my Motorola Xoom. Thanks for the idea!

    (Xoom is running CM 10, in case anybody is wondering)

    • flamey

      Same here!

  • Mrinal

    How to turn the developer mode off once done.

  • sandeep kumar

    thank u will monitor my device now and will update the results

  • user999

    This didn’t help. Turning off the auto brightness stopped the flickering on tab2 7.0.

  • Ryan

    I just bought my O+ 8.92 Android Phone last night and I’m having this issue with my phone. I’m getting nervous because it does flicker all the time, it becomes more obvious if I adjust the brightness to 100%. I tried doing what you suggested me to do to Disable Hardware Overlays but it didn’t change anything. If this would still go like this for a week then I guess I’ll return it to the store where I bought it from.

  • chris

    tankyou !! niw my phone works fine again :)

  • bccooke25

    Using droid razor… go to settings—–> developer options—–> turn on—-> ok—–> scroll down to disable HW overlays

    Works perfect now

  • naresh

    Thank you for the post I got the same problem with my 4.3 jelly bean. I did the fix now, will let you know If my phone still get the issue

  • Adrien Guigues

    The man who wrote this article is my hero ! Thanks so much ! My problem was on my ASUS Memo PAD HD 7 : i got strange random switch/flicker (sometimes only) between a “normal display” and a “light/desaturate bright screen” (like a broken LCD or so). This solution did the trick !! I hope it can help ppl in my case aswell ! No other solution in parameters etc worked before this one ! And sorry for poor english… Thanks again !

  • Robert Pratt

    Thank you for this post! I am one of those who has flashed their roms back and forth many times trying to get this problem to go away. Now I am not only happy with CyanaogenMod, but this opens new possibilities with other roms I have tried in the last week.

  • Daniel Pizarro

    Wonderful. It worked instantly on HTC One X

  • lterry913

    Thanks for this…I even did a factory reset and was still having the flickering til I found this.

  • Vinayak Sutar-Patil

    Nice stuff indeed! You have provided very good information in details.

  • moparcrazy

    This worked perfectly. This has been bugging me for a month or two on my samsung galaxy tab 3. Also thanks for the explanation. Quick fix.

  • Clark

    Thank you for this article.It fixed everything.

  • peter neil alega

    this doesn’t help, the problem with my phone is it only flickers half screen.

  • TurnOffDeveloperOptions

    Thanks for this post, it keeps blinking sometimes but I just have to wait to the 4.4 update for be Aquaris 5HD. To turn developer options off just go there and where it says “developer options” at the top, there is a switch you can turn off to disable.

  • jenna

    i tried it and now when i go to certain apps my screen is turning green.. how can i fix that

  • osh

    Thanks! It worked for me. Was afraid I need to replace my 15 mo.old s4. Whew.

  • Shinu

    I’m not getting the option HW overlays. Please help.

  • Afzal

    my samsung note 1 also same problem Anyone suggest me how to solve this issue….


    Thanks a lot .. I fixes my phone :)

  • Mike Morris

    That really seems to work! Iv been searching for a solution for ages, so thank you so much! The only issue I have, is when I restart my tablet, it comes back unless I go back into developer options ane put it back on each time. Is there can’t way to set it as a permanent fix please?

  • terpar

    Do we turn off developer options once we are done?

  • Adriane

    Thank you for explaining,the flickering of my mom’s samsung galaxy tab 4 confuses me in one month,i dont know if the hardware or even the OS is the problem but now it is fixed,thanks :)

  • Sabrina S

    Thank you so much! I was worried my phone was going to die on me soon!

  • Ajay Gandhi

    Great work and thnx

  • Heather Lawless

    I never get the “you are now a developer” and I clicked like a dozen time fast on “build number” nada. :(