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[Exclusive] First Pictures Of the Asus Transformer Prime GPS Dongle *Updated With More Pictures And Info About An OTA*

A little while ago we were the first to break the news that Asus was making a GPS Dongle that would improve the GPS on the TF201 that everyone complained about so much. Many called the Transformer Prime a failed launch because of this issue but now they are making up for it by releasing the GPS Dongle. The Dongle will be officially announced tomorrow and will be available to all Prime owners for free but why wait until tomorrow when we can show you now.

*Update* the last FOTA that was given to the Prime added support for the Dongle you may have no even noticed this update as it was forced onto your device*

Pictures of Dongle attached to the Prime


This is the back of the Dongle that will match the color of you Prime, looks just like the keyboard dock latch.


This is the lock that will lock the GPS dongle into place that looks exactly like the one on the keyboard dock also.


This is the front of the Dongle here you can see there is a white arrow which will match up with the one on the Prime to help you plug it in easier.


Here is the part if the Dongle that uses the 40 pin proprietary connector that will connect the tablet, same place used for the dock, and charging port.


This is the part that will lock into the tablet using the groove that is made for the dock.


We can also confirm this product works very good and will massively improve GPS like Asus says it will. This is an engineering sample that we got pictures of so the end product will likely have some Asus branding on it as well.

The Dongle fits very well to the tablet and it fits snug so once attached no need to worry about it wobbling or falling off.

You will see an official announcement regarding this Dongle tomorrow from Asus.

Thanks to our tipster Demandarian from XDA for supplying us with these pictures.

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  • Edwin van Buuren

    looking forwards to use the dongle

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      I am as well, should be recieving mine within 2 weeks and will post full review of it.

  • agzela


  • andddlay

    …and what about users with the keyboard dock? Looks like its one or the other :(

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      There will be no way to use the dock or charge the tablet while the dongle is in, quite unfortunate!

  • Jonathan Silva

    Ah man. Looking forward to it, but I’m expecting compatibility issues with AOKP.

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      Well of course Asus can not guarantee full compatibility with any ROM but there should be no issue. 

  • Rob Wilcox

    Looks okay to me.. but then I’m only a TF201 novice.

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      If you own the dock it looks exactly like the dock latch.

      • Rob Wilcox

        Our GPS dongle arrived, and is pretty good. Though, I think we had decent GPS even without the dongle.

  • guest

    what is the picture in on the wall paper

  • Umpgambang

    free? as a compensation for the prime owner!

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      Yes completely free, no cost to any prime owner.

  • Kairoku Suen

    Any idea if this effects wifi. If not why wouldn’t they fix wifi with this dongle as well?

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      No it does not have an effect on Wi-Fi, and I don’t know why they didn’t take the move to fix Wi-Fi at the same time in one package, would’ve been the smart move but at least we have something. 

  • Iloop101

    doe it have a pass-thru port for power/charging?

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      Unfortunately no, I would have loved to see one.

  • Moonshadow_2

    Will this work with the tf101 which also has pretty poor Wi-Fi. Performance?

  • Moonshadow_2

    Will this work with the tf101 which also has pretty poor Wi-Fi. Performance?

    • Tyler Maciaszek

      This will only improve GPS not Wi-Fi, and it will be TF201 only, sorry!

  • Scubacop

    And I purchased the keyboard for $$$ and now I can’t use it and th GPS. Not a fix it’s afterthought and why not give me a USB GPS device after all I purchsed the keyboard aslo.

  • Gp3farside

    So, how do we go about getting one?

  • Ernieg1954

    I can tell you that the asus gps dongle works very well ,as I recieved mine june 8th only a week after I applied for it ,and delivered by Fed Ex free of charge! I’m very impressed by the service provided by Asus!